Austere delivers high-quality consultation and on-location services to a range of sectors where people are working, exploring, or competing in environments where remoteness, isolation, duration, weather, terrain, or human or animal factors pose a higher than usual risk to participants.

In the office, Austere consultants can add value to the planning stage by identifying areas of risk, developing strategies to minimize risk, and implementing these strategies where required. From studying maps, consulting with local emergency/rescue agencies, and developing communications plans, Austere consultants make understanding your project’s mission a priority and develop strategies to help you deliver a successful project while minimizing risk to team members or participants.

In the field, Austere medical, safety, and rescue technicians implement risk management strategies while following the principles of field operations to add value to projects over and above expectations. All Austere field staff have extensive backgrounds operating in remote, wilderness, military disaster and humanitarian environments, and are experienced in the dynamic nature of these activities.

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Customised and relevant eLearning and on-site training to give your team the confidence to operate safely in the field

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