Medical Risk Planning

Planning for a medical event can be a complex task when your project has complexities such as remoteness, difficult terrain and a lack of quality health facilities in the area. Austere consultants are well-equipped with the knowledge, experience and network to lighten the load when it comes to medical risk planning.

Security Risk Management

Expedition Safety Support

Austere consultants take a proactive approach to safety and medical support by aiming to prevent injuries and illness and prevent the need for medical treatment. This is achieved by screening participants, monitoring welfare, delivering daily safety training and being intimately involved with the project to gain a high-level of situational awareness.

Expedition Medical Support

Austere consultants will provide high-level field care to injured and unwell activity participants with the aim to return the participant to the activity if possible.

Medical Evacuation

When it's not possible to manage an injury or illness in the field, Austere consultants can continue care beyond the point of injury by coordinating medical evacuation.

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