Field Inspections

Austere Risk consultants can be involved in the planning process in areas such as; travel and route recons, accommodation inspections and communication surveys . A custom map can be developed for your project to ensure all expedition members are in sync.

Expedition Risk Assessments

Austere develops production risk assessments for expeditions. Risk assessments are not an off-the-shelf product; rather they are produced with an intimate knowledge of the the details of expedition, and what is required to ensure it's success.

Travel Risk Assessments

Risk assessments unrelated to production are often required where the crew are required to travel. Austere Risk will conduct thorough risk assessments to enable health, safety measures and contingency measures to be implemented.

Expedition Safety and Medical

Multi-skilled Austere Risk consultants will embed themselves into your crew to prevent things going wrong, and manage emergencies in the event they arise. With an emphasis on prevention, Austere Risk consultants will implement proactive measures such as:

  • delivering safety briefs
  • wellness checks
  • COVID-19, hydration and other health screens
  • debriefing near-misses and incidents to prevent repeat incidents

On the reactive side, Austere Risk consultants will manage emergencies, provide high-level field care, monitor injuries where the casualty is returned to work, or coordinate evacuation where required.

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