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Team Management

Manage your remote team members and ensure they have access to the latest information. Changes are pushed instantly to your team member's devices.

Offline Maps

An offline-capable team map ensures your team all points of interest are in the pockets of all team members. Changes made to the team database while a user is offline are synced when the user comes back online.

Paperless Forms

Ensure information is collected and received online and offline with digital forms

Cross Platform Sync

GeoTeams is available on desktop (Windows and MacOS), mobile (Android and iOS), and in the browser as a web app.

Peer-to-Peer Sync

GeoTeams can sync team information directly between users without the need for a central server or cloud infrastructure.

More Features

The following is a complete list of GeoTeams features

  • Delivered to your team members with a single URL
  • Customised for your activity/organisation
  • Full offline use (data syncs when back online)
  • Team maps with field data, and offline, online, satellite, weather and activity layers
  • Digital forms with high-accuracy (±3m) GPS locations and photos
  • Private (login required) and/or public (no login required) sections
  • Three levels of access (e.g. user, supervisor and manager)
  • Field GPS data point collection (synced to team map)
  • Checklists and inspection forms
  • Form submissions emailed to user and other selected people
  • Contacts directory
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Task/mission briefings
  • Email notifications and reminders

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