St Helen’s Mountain Bike Trails


Austere helped to establish the risk management system for the St Helens Mountain Bike Trails on behalf of Break O’Day Council.

Austere Risk provided:

  • consultation on risk mitigation strategies
  • education of the local emergency services
  • public consultation
  • field mapping
  • communications survey
  • hazard identification
  • a custom mobile application with maps, hazards, and emergency information

Riders on this stunning network of trails are provided with a public safety app, and a risk management system is provided for commercial operators, trail maintainers, and council management. Within hours of the trails network opening for the first time, the system had aided emergency services to expedite the rescue of an injured rider on the track.

The public app included:

  • an offline safety map with emergency markers, access trails and high-risk trail features
  • general trail information
  • emergency information
  • a ‘report a problem’ function to populate the closed-loop hazard mitigation system.
Screenshot of the St Helens trails safety map

The risk management system for managers and trail maintenance included:

  • risk assessment
  • hazard tracking
  • activity submission and incident reporting per Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS).

Emergency responders are able to access time-saving information such as distances and time to access/egress emergency points via foot, bike, 2WD vehicle, and 4WD vehicle and helicopter winch and landing zone information.

Consultation on the St Helens Trails, Tasmania

UPDATE: In August 2020, it was announced that Break O’Day Council had won the LG Professionals Awards Partnerships and Collaboration Award for the St Helens Trails Emergency Management System – read more here.

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