Outdoor Education

Services to support instructors and improve student welfare in outdoor education programs


Austere provides support to the wilderness and outdoor education sectors to help organisers of these activities deliver safe and effective learning. This is achieved by taking on an active role in the prevention of injury, illness, separation, fire and other risks in outdoor education activities.

Austere team members supporting outdoor and wilderness education are:

  • trained to use advanced clinical reasoning to keep participants in the activity wherever possible, acknowledging that evacuating participants unnecessarily is detrimental to learning and self-esteem
  • trained in mental health first aid to resolve situations and prevent escalation wherever possible
  • vetted by the relevant authority in regards to child protection and hold the legal professional requirements to be in contact with minors, according to the jurisdiction of the activity
  • physically robust and comfortable accompanying participants on outdoor activities such as hiking, high-ropes and canyoning etc.

In addition to on-location medical support, Austere supports outdoor and wilderness education by consulting on activity safety, desktop planning, mapping activity areas ahead of the main group to identify hazards, communications survey, journey planning and more.

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