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Offline wilderness first-aid guidelines and GPS-enabled patient care forms in your pocket or on your desktop – all in one app.




The future of Wilderness First Aid has arrived!

Introducing the Survive First Aid Field App – your one-stop shop for Wilderness First Aid Guidelines, Australian First Aid resources, offline GPS and photo-enabled patient record forms, positional incident mapping, simplified record-keeping, quick-reference handovers…and so much more!

The Survive First Aid Field App is a safe, secure and device-transferable tool for all your adventures that works OFFLINE in the field – so you can be 100% disconnected, but still on-point!

If you work or play in the outdoors, you know that incidents happen (it’s all part of the adventure!), so don’t get caught out – keep all the information you need right in your pocket. No more soggy patient records. No more dodgy handwriting!

Free Features

Premium Features

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  • Patient Record Form (N.O.T.E.S) – offline GPS and photo enabled patient record forms (N.O.T.E.S) which can quickly and efficiently capture important patient information in the field – without paper!
  • Safe, Secure and Professional – all Survive First Aid app data is password-protected, securely stored and only visible by the user.
  • Seamlessly Transferable – use your N.O.T.E.S form to record essential information at the scene (on your mobile device) and then complete it later on any other device, such as a tablet or computer.
  • Fast, Useful and Offline – the Survive First Aid app is designed to work offline in the field- which means places where phone (or internet) coverage is patchy or simply non-existent. Streamlined content presentation and functional features keep the Survive First Aid app fast and useful.
  • Location Mapping and Single-Tap GPS – capture a high-accuracy GPS location at the scene with a single tap using your mobile’s GPS. Patient locations can be displayed as a simple map layer, allowing you to visualise and track your in-field first aid treatments.
  • Quick-Snap Photos – use your device’s camera to attach an image of the injury or important on-scene details for later. And if you forget, you can attach a photo using your desktop file selector when you get home.
  • Simple Dropdown Menus – the days of messy, frantic or illegible patient records are over! Experience uniform formatting for all your patient records, along with many of the key first aid terms and information pre-loaded into dropdown menus, so you can focus on your patient.
  • Easy Record Keeping – every completed N.O.T.E.S form can be sent to your personal, secure email address for safe lifetime storage.
  • Systematic Handovers – send your patient onto higher care quickly and professionally with pre-filled handovers at the end of every form.
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NEED TECH HELP? Do you need help to get the Survive First Aid app running on your device? Never fear, we’ve got you covered! Click HERE for some short instructional videos that should help you out, and a form to request help.

TEAMS & ORGANISATIONS: The Survive First Aid app is an individual application, which means that all N.O.T.E.S form entries are only visible to the user and are protected by a username and password. If you are looking for a custom solution for teams or larger organisations, you can find more information about bespoke options HERE.

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