Intelligent Field Portals

Powerful, custom field portals for active teams.




Working in the field can sometimes be challenging, especially in a world where technology is king.

That’s why we developed Austere’s Intelligent Field Portals – powerful, intuitive and fully-customisable solutions that bridge the gap between your office and the field.

Our Intelligent Field Portals are the product of countless hours in wild places treating patients, managing moving teams, mapping, surveying, supervising projects, juggling travel schedules, seeking reliable information, meeting contacts, dodging weather patterns and, ultimately, trying to stay ahead of the game.

If you can think of something you regularly encounter whilst out-and-about, our Intelligent Field Portals can probably help you manage it.

They are designed to be a fast, powerful and functional additions to your work environment – no matter how remote, challenging or disconnected!

Some of the functionalities Austere’s Intelligent Field Portals include:

  • Project Briefing – create invaluable, dynamic project briefs for your team. Include quick links, dates, location info, project scope, daily plans, travel itineraries, risk assessments, contingency plans…and so much more!
  • Dynamic documentation – maintain standardised, portable, current and accessible information resources such as handbooks, guidelines or operations manuals.
  • Asset Tracking – track your equipment by project, adventure or user. Create project manifests, log service history or schedule inspections.
  • GPS Mapping – track your work, log an activity, find a GeoPoint or save a contact all via a multi-layered, offline-capable map function.
  • Update Team Members – keep everyone informed with pre-formatted updates.
  • Record Incidents – make incident or near-miss reports on-the-fly.
  • Set Tasks – delegate important tasks to your team whilst on-the-go. Add an exact GeoPoint and even a photo so there’s never any miscommunication!
  • Record Contacts – always meeting new associates? Can’t remember your local fixer’s last name? No problems – snap a shot of them and create a contact card in real-time.
  • Track Expenses – no more crumpled and soggy paper receipts!
  • Track Team Travel – visualise your team’s movements across various projects.
  • Check Weather – display weather reports for your team so they’re always prepared for the elements.
  • Tiered Access – allow management access for Team Leaders or read-only access for casual crew.


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