Videos Will Not Play

Videos on the Austere Learning Hub may come from a variety of sources. In the event that a video will not play, here is a list of possible reasons:

The Host Server is Offline

All servers experience downtime occasionally. Troubleshooting may be as simple as waiting for a short period and trying again.

The Host Server is Blocked

If you are using the Austere Learning Hub for institutional training, your IT administrator may have blocked certain domains from your network. You can ask your IT administrator to unblock the domain if the source is obvious (i.e YouTube or Vimeo).

Instructors on the Austere Learning Hub often use VideoPress for hosting private videos – the URL to allow requests from VideoPress is

In certain countries, ISPs are required by law to block specific video hosting providers. In this case, the use of a VPN may be a workaround solution.

If the above information does not help to solve your problem playing video, please contact us and we’ll help you resolve the problem and get you back on track with your studies ASAP.