Host Your Content

Hosting content on the Austere Learning Hub is a great way to pass on your valuable knowledge and be paid for it at the same time. The Austere Learning Hub is a community for people undertaking work or adventure in remote, wilderness and austere environments. The Austere Learning Hub hosts a range of content including:

  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • Learning groups
  • Articles

Online Courses

Online courses (elearning) allow your learners to complete their study from convenient locations across all devices, either automatically managed by the system, or manually managed by you. Online courses have the following features:

  • courses can be free or paid
  • courses can be public or private
  • courses can be bundled together into full qualifications
  • lessons can be shared between courses
  • certificates can be issued to learners for course completion
  • courses can have assessments with automatic or manual grading
  • courses can have assignment uploads
  • courses can have resources to be downloaded
  • courses can have a private discussion forum
  • courses can have a variety of lesson types including video and HTML5 interactivity such as branch decision scenarios, image hotspots, and more.
  • courses can have live and recorded webinar lessons


How much do I get paid in commissions for course sales?

Please see the schedule of rates

How and when do I get paid for course sale commissions?

Commissions on course sales are paid to instructors on the 1st of every month for the previous month’s sales. Commissions are paid via PayPal to your bank account and a PayPal account is required. The instructor dashoard shows real-time sales and comissions.

So the Learning Hub takes a commission on my sales – what can I expect in return?

The Learning Hub percentage of your sales covers expenses such as:

  • hosting the LMS on high-speed reliable servers
  • access to a community of like-minded potential customers
  • personal support

Who owns the rights to my content when it’s hosted on the Learning Hub?

Are there minimum standards for course quality?

Are there any restrictions on subject matter for courses?

Yes. Courses should align with the theme and aim of the Austere Learning Hub, which is to become the leading community and education platform for people working in, or undertaking adventure in, remote, difficult and complex environments, to become safer, more effective and achieve their mission.

Put simply, the material on the Austere Learning Hub must be applicable to people in remote, difficult, or complex environments, and focus on helping people be safer and/or more effective.

If you are unsure if your material fits this criteria, please fill out the form below and we’ll be touch to discuss.

I’m interested – where do I apply to become an instructor?

Please complete this form to express your interest in delivering and selling content on the Austere Learning Hub.