The following is a list of services related to the Austere Learning Hub.


Commissions are paid to you for sales on your courses. Commissions are paid every month for the previous month via PayPal. There are no hosting costs for public paid courses however a portion of the revenue from your sales is retained to cover the cost of providing the platform and service.

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Hosting is the cost to host your content that is not sold to the public, for example, delivering private training or charging students for access to your training via your own platform. This is a prepaid arrangement; you will be able to purchase ‘seats’ and enrol students either in bulk or individually (discounts apply for bulk purchases) from your dashboard. Often, instructors will simply add the seat cost to the cost of their program. If your content can be repackaged into public courses and sold, you can earn commissions on those sales which can reduce your hosting costs to zero, or even make you a profit.

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Learning Groups

Learning groups are a great way to manage learners in a variety of ways. Instructors on the Austere Learning Hub have a dashboard to manage learners, add and remove learners, view learner progress, and more. Learning groups can be free, paid, public or private.


The Austere Learning Hub is purpose-built for organisations to host and facilitate everything from single lessons to full courses and multi-faceted Learning Packages. The Learning Hub boasts a large number of powerful learning tools and methods and includes unlimited storage of content.

Access to the Austere Learning Hub is free for organisations that intend to on-sell learning packages either as an outright product (eg: direct to the public) or to a group of students or clients (eg: participants on a pre-paid activity, or as part of a larger practical course), and organisations only pay per enrollment. This makes the Austere Learning Hub for Organisations that have transient students or seasonal activities and where a SaaS solution ($/user/month) is unsuitable.

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Other Services

Training Gap Analysis

A training gap analysis is a thorough review of your organisation’s training needs (or gaps) based on legislation, best practice, activity, environment and risk, and identifying training products to fill the ‘gap’. After a training gap analysis is complete. we can further support organisations in developing training or providing continued guidance to organisations to decide to do it themselves.

Austere can be engaged to help with production by undertaking tasks such as:

  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Course authoring
  • Developing custom landing pages
  • Equipment hire

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