Create a Course Product

Selling a course on the Austere Learning Hub requires a linked product in the shop. The shop is separate from the Austere Learning Hub – the shop just handles the financial transaction and sends the details to the LMS for enrollment in a course or group.

Create a Linked Product

Go to Products in the instructor dashboard and select ‘Create Product’
Copy/paste the course name into the product name. Leave the description blank – we want all the course ‘front matter’ on the course page and minimal details here on the product page.
Select Course in Product Data and enter the price (and sale price if you choose). Select
Select ‘Online Courses’ as the product category
Select the same product image that you used in the course cover image.
In the course edit page, copy the course ID from the browser URL bar.
In the product short description, we need to set two different messages, depending on the user’s current enrollment status. Replace the course_id="123456" with your course ID from the previous step, and href="" with the URL from the course page.

Copy/paste the text below as a starting point if you like
[visitor course_id="1021403"]
This is the One Ocean International <strong>Deep Dive on CO2 Tolerance</strong>, with Joe Knight. <a href="">READ MORE HERE</a>
[student course_id="1021403"]
Thanks for enrolling in this course. You can get started now by clicking <a href="">HERE</a>
In your course settings page, set the access type to ‘Closed’. Set the price to match the product (this is only for visual purposes, the product will always take the price from the product page for the transaction). Next, paste the URL of the product (from a previous step) in the button URL placeholder. This will direct the user to the shop product when they wish to enroll.


Now you can test everything to make sure it’s all set up correctly:

  1. In an Incognito (or private) window, navigate to the course directory
  2. Check that the course grid item has the correct price
  3. Click on the course grid item to navigate to the course page
  4. Click ‘Take This Course’
  5. Check you are taken to the correct product page
  6. Check the message for a non-enrolled user is correct
  7. Check the price is correct

Your course product setup is now complete. You can view your course sales and commissions on the instructor dashboard. Please get in touch with the administrator if you would like a test checkout. We will create a temporary user, purchase the course, and check that the enrollment is completed successfully.

Next Steps

  • Set up notification emails
  • Market your course product