Schedule of Rates


CourseA series of lessons grouped together with an optional assessment, and an optional certificate awarded on successful completion
Learning GroupPrivate community with one or more courses attached for members to complete, with an optional group certificate on completion of all courses
Exclusive courseThe course is hosted only on the Austere Learning Hub
Non-exclusive courseThe course is hosted on the Austere Learning Hub, and another LMS
CommissionsA commission is the percentage of the value of sale that is split between the two parties involved, being the course owner and the LMS owner
HostingHosting is the cost to you for hosting content on the Learning Hub that is not for sale to the public, for example, private organisational training. Read more about hosting


ItemCourse OwnerLMS Owner
Course sales (exclusive course)80%20%
Course sales (non-exclusive course)50%50%
Correct as of 01-Jan-2021. Payments are made on the 1st of each month for the previous month via PayPal.


Hosting paid private content– $5 per enrollment per course
– $10.00 per enrollment per learning group
No time limit and no ongoing costs for the enrollment.
Hosting free private content– POA – contact usDiscounts or free hosting may be provided if your content benefits a non-profit or charity organisation members.


Course Authoring50%$50.00$500.0010%
Custom Branded Page Development50%$50.00$500.0010%
Dry hire of video equipment < 5-days$500.00$150.0010%
Dry hire of video equipment > 5-days$500.00$100.0010%