AWEMS CPD001 – Wilderness Medicine in the US

Wilderness medicine in the US with Seth C. Hawkins, MD

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Our guest speaker for this AWEMS CPD session is Seth C. Hawkins, and discusses all things wilderness medicine in the United States.

Discussion Points

  • Introduction Seth C. Hawkins
  • Define wilderness medicine
  • History of wilderness medicine in the US
  • Time to definitive care
  • Failure and success
  • Safety in wilderness medicine
  • Self-care as responders
  • Critical incident stress debriefing
  • Q&A

About the Guest Speaker

Seth C. Hawkins in Bhutan.jpg
Dr Seth C. Hawkins

Seth Christopher Collings Hawkins (born 1971) is an American emergency physician, writer, anthropologist, and organizational innovator. He has made notable contributions to the fields of wilderness medicine, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and medical humanities. His work has particularly specialized in EMS and wilderness medicine in the southeastern United States, where he is the founder of the Appalachian Center for Wilderness Medicine, the Appalachian Mountain Rescue Team, and the Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship.

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About Instructor

Brad Stewart

Brad is a paramedic and risk consultant with a background in military special operations, humanitarian and disaster response, rescue and remote healthcare. Brad delivers risk management solutions based on years of experience working with safe and effective teams in a range of complex environments, from remote and wilderness areas to conflict and disaster zones.

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