St Helen's Mountain Bike Trails

Supporting local council to provide safe wilderness trails for the mountain bike community

Tasmania, Australia

Published: 01-Aug-2019


Austere established the risk management system for the St Helens Mountain Bike Trails on behalf of Break O'Day Council. Riders on this stunning network of trails are provided with a public safety app, and a risk management system is provided for commercial operators, trail maintainers, and council management.

The public app included:

  • an offline safety map
  • trail information
  • emergency information
  • a 'report a problem' function to populate the closed-loop hazard mitigation system.

The risk management system for mangers and trail maintenance included:

  • risk assessment
  • hazard tracking
  • activity submission and incident reporting per Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS).

Emergency responders are able to access time-saving information such as:

  • distances and time to access/egress emergency points
  • helicopter winch and landing zone information

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