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Welcome to the introduction of the Austere Article Library – our effort to gather, review and deliver a constant stream of quality, reliable information to help those that work and play in remote, wilderness and austere environments.
Austere Risk Management provides innovative risk management solutions to keep people safe and effective in the field. Our work brings us into contact with a constant stream of amazing research, inspirational experts, innovative changes and case studies from across the globe- we hope to share many of these experiences via the Austere Article Library.

The purpose of the Austere Article Library is to share as much of this knowledge as possible with the community to improve safety and effectiveness for those who find themselves in remote wilderness, austere and hostile environments. We aim to deliver a range of quality regular material for you to read, share and reference in your practice- both in the planning stage and in the field.

Articles are targeted at audiences including:

  • outdoor leaders, guides and managers
  • teams that work in remote areas such as exploration teams
  • participants in outdoor recreation
  • wilderness medics and responders
  • disaster relief and humanitarian NGO responders and managers

The types of articles we will be publishing include:

  • conversations with experts
  • wilderness incident case studies
  • guidelines/best practice changes
  • legislation changes
  • app instructions/new features
  • tips for operating in remote areas
  • equipment reviews/comparisons
  • wilderness medicine literature reviews

We aim to keep all articles as current and relevant as possible- so if you come across some interesting information you’d like us to investigate, please let us know via the contact page.

Subscribing to the library is the best way to be informed of updates to articles.

Please share (using the sharing buttons below) whenever you need to and reference using the URL.

Thanks for reading this introduction. We hope you find the content useful and relevant, and appreciate all feedback, questions, and suggestions.

Please head over to the contact page to get in touch.

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